AMS provides services including translation, localization, interpretation, transcreation, transcription & subtitling, and DTP of various languages worldwide focusing on language pairs with one Asian language as source or target language as follows:

English <> simplified Chinese
English <> traditional Chinese
English <> Japanese
English <> Korean
English > Thai
English > Malay
English > Vietnamese
English > Indonesian

German > simplified Chinese
German > traditional Chinese
French > simplified Chinese
French > traditional Chinese
Japanese > simplified Chinese
Japanese > traditional Chinese
Korean > simplified Chinese
Korean > traditional Chinese
Russian > simplified Chinese 
Russian > traditional Chinese
Spanish > simplified Chinese
Spanish > traditional Chinese
Italian > simplified Chinese
Italian > traditional Chinese

German > Japanese
German > Vietnamese
German > Thai
German > Indonesian


In addition, we can handle some non-Asian languages like French > German, Spanish > German, English > German, English > French, English > Russian, English > Portuguese, English to Swedish, etc. All of our translators are native speakers of target languages with more than three years experience in their expertise fields.