AMS believes in investing in resources and advanced technology to be able to successfully deliver to our customers.
We develop AMS Project Management System which paves the way for the company’s successful project management.
APMS features:
1. Project scheduling and budget tracking to ensure projects are delivered on time and within the budget
2. Status reporting, which can be generated in the form and frequency as requested by the clients
3. Customizable information fields to note and monitor client-specific request
4. Management of all global resources required to complete a project
5. Project archiving and translation memory management
6. Online quotation
7. Built-in knowledge base database

Translation memory & glossary server
Translation memory and glossary server allows translation teams to store and reuse both source and target language content for any translation project. AMS translation team utilizes translation memory tools in order to create and maintain multilingual glossaries and translation memories for our clients. These glossaries and memories are the property of our clients and ban be provided to you as part of any project’s deliverables. Tool use is client-driven and AMS can work with most of the commercial available translation memory & glossary technologies.

The benefits of translation memory and multiterm server include:
1. Consistency in translations on large projects where teams of translators are required.
2. Productivity and accuracy improvements.
3. Reduced costs of translations by offering leveraged pricing on repeat and fuzzy match text.
4. Revision projects can be handled in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner.